It may come as a surprise to a reader to read the title "Skin" yet see only nature. But even the most casual of looks and it's clear why.

Busby's talents in photography seem to be a combination of technique and raw attitude. Each image, no matter what the subject matter, pulses with personality, and the her gallery "Skin" somehow morphs the local foliage into characters and bodies which seem to breathe, sweat, and gleam with the glow of life. 

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of "Skin" is the intimacy of it. Every frame ripples with texture, a simulacra of touch so clear and so distilled that fingers tingle and hairs stand on end just by looking. Fibers pop and stretch and the objects we pass absentmindedly every day take on a beauty which is too often unappreciated and, worse, unseen.

But Busby's technique of taking a beautiful photo only makes up for half of the power in "Skin." The other half comes from her artistic presentation of the objects at hand. Every photo brings the subject matter to a passionately close proximity, a closeness paralleling a lover's embrace, the closeup on the back of a neck or the front of an arm, showing little yet telling more than could ever have been expected.

It is rare to find a photo which can convey so much in so little space, rarer still to find an entire gallery, yet Busby's images provide a consistent and relentless beauty time after time. 

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