Because art is not one-sided, it is a relationship. 

As technology grows, content seems to be bifurcating into sellers and consuming. But Baphash believes that the arts deserve a more honest and complex approach - a relationship. Publishing an issue once every three months, Baphash awards an editor/curator to every artist considered. These editors/curators work directly with the artist, working to better understand the work itself, how to best display it, and ensuring that the goals of the piece are met.

The Quarterly's Mission.

Dedication to the artists and their work.

It has never been easier to automate relationships. Auto-responders and simulated personalities seem to grow in popularity by the hour and the ability to actually talk to and work with a real human, especially on an artistic endeavor can feel impossible.

And so the Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly was created to be different. Every submission is reviewed and responded to by an editor and given the time necessary to be understood and appreciated. Works then accepted for publication are assigned a full-time editor who works with the contributor directly - over email and video chat - to make sure the work is conveying everything the artist intends.

Once ready, the work is given a publication date in the quarterly and promoted along with an article about what the Baphash editors found intriguing and appealing about the work as well as an podcast interview with the artist his/her/their self.  

Baphash is about more than the basics. It's about the relationship which is developed through art.

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