What the F*@K is Baphash?


You know what I’m sick of? I’m sick of the bullshit that the internet has become. I’m sick of never knowing if what I’m looking at is something earnest and genuine or if it was designed to appeal to my wallet, the creative intensity of the marketing department seems to be on overdrive as I watch advertisements grow in frequency while art with integrity quietly gets left behind in the far, far distance. I’m sick of having to doubt whether a website was built with an honest agenda or if it happens to be some subsidiary of some massive conglomerate – that moment you realize that the article you just read was written by a copywriter at Nike or McDonald's, a piece of work solely designed to get you to skim quickly and click even quicker.

It strikes me that my issue, my “sickness,” isn’t something to be blamed on a single person, on a single event. No, this skim-fast/click-fast effect is simply the mode of use attributed to the internet. The speed with which things can be disseminated has overtaken in value the quality of the work we actually want to see and the worth that these pieces have to our daily life. And worth, worth is the key word. What did I really get out of that article I just read? Did I laugh? Smile? Roll my eyes? More often than not the things I see have zero worth – they’re just filler, something empty to pass empty time.

So what the F@*K is Baphash? It’s my favorite question. It’s the question I want everyone to ask. Baphash (pronounced Bah-Fah-Sh), is complete lunacy. It’s a quality space for quality work. Focusing on longform art, Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly aims to be a place for artists to share work which is too big for the “click now, ask questions later” attitude of websites and spaces. Baphash is long fiction, poetry collections, essays, photography galleries, art galleries, podcasts, and more, it is an act of passion: we share the work we love, we work with the artists to help develop creative ideas and elevate their work to its full potential. We built a space where you can come and experience works you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else online.

This is just the beginning. Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly has been met with wonderful support by artist communities and we’ll be publishing full collections every three months with articles and special publications in between.

So thanks for coming. Take your time, look around, find something you like or come back later for something new. We’ve been excited to build the space, now we hope you find the time to use it. It’s worth it, there are incredible things happening.

Michael Harris
Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly

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