Submission Review for Baphash Vol.1/Iss.4

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Review Process

All submissions go through an editorial review process and will receive notes as to why the decision given has been made.

Those chosen for publication will then receive an editor who will work with the author/artist to better understand the work itself and to help share and frame the work as best as it can be. 

The Editors

The editors work as sounding boards, copy-editors, and overall interested parties to the contributor, giving the artist/writer an eager audience before the work goes to the proverbial presses. 

Submissions will be considered for their quality, their integrity, and their unique approach to the field which they represent.

Submission Requirements for the quarterly

The Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly exists as a space for quality longform works. This means the following:

  • Creative Fiction
    • Works are asked to be a minimum of 1000 words. Works under 1000 words will still be considered but may be responded to with a request to work with one of the Baphash editors to possibly broaden the piece. 
  • Poetry
    • Poetry does not have a word count. However, a collection of three poems is desired for publication.
  • Art Galleries
    • Fine-arts are published as complete galleries. Galleries must include ten high resolution images with a clear and specific theme. The theme and image choices will be reviewed by an editor.
  • Other
    • If you have a project which you'd like considered but is not reflected in the above list, please email with a write up of your idea and links or example images to the work if they exist.